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Stethoscopes  (6 Products)
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Nurse stethoscopes are indispensable when it comes to monitoring patient health. Used for monitoring sounds emanating from within the human body, the original doctor stethoscope has been supplemented by electronic versions that reduce unwanted sound interference. Each application differs, for example, a pediatric stethoscope is smaller than an adult stethoscope to simplify correct placement. Read More
Stethoscope - Dual head Stainless Steel - Adult Type (122211)

Stethoscope - Dual head Stainless Steel - Adult Type (122211)

Dual head stainless steel stethoscope, adult.
External spring binaural
22" tubing.
$16.99 Each
Item # 901-122210Q
Model # 122210
Stethoscope - Sprague-Rappaport, 22 (122220)

Stethoscope - Sprague-Rappaport, 22" (122220)

Replacement 2-tube cuff bladder for manual blood pressure devices.
Comes with 3 bell chest pieces and 2 diaphragms.
22" tubing.
$38.99 Each
This item ships FREE *
Item # 901-122220Q
Model # 122220
Accucare® Elite Adult Stethoscope, 22, Pink (MDS92290)
$74.99 Each
This item ships FREE *
Item # 901-MDS92290MED
Model # MDS92290
Medline Stethoscope Silver-Infused Stethoscope Covers, 200/Box (MDS926401)

Medline Stethoscope Silver-Infused Stethoscope Covers, 200/Box (MDS926401)

Stethoscope Cover Type
Silver is infused into its hard Plastic diaphragm
$84.99 Box
This item ships FREE *
Item # 901-112032MED
Model # MDS926401
Stethoscope - Nurses

Stethoscope - Nurses

Turn stem to convert to non-child ring.
Plastic ear tips
22" tubing.
$14.99 Each
Item # 901-122200Q
Model # 122200
Stethoscope - Dual Head (122210)

Stethoscope - Dual Head (122210)

Rotating drum stem and external spring binaural.
The length of the tubing measures 18".
The overall length of the unit is 28" and has a stainless steel internal spring binaural.
$74.99 Each
This item ships FREE *
Item # 901-122211Q
Model # 122211
Want to know more about Stethoscopes

Classic acoustic nurse stethoscope

The acoustic stethoscope is the most common. It has a chest piece fitted with a flat diaphragm for detecting the high-pitched sound of normal breathing. On the reverse, there's a bell designed for low frequency heart sounds. Some nurse stethoscopes use a tune-able diaphragm to distinguish different sounds. Chest pieces are made from brass, stainless steel, or plastic. The chest piece is connected to ear tubes by flexible pipes. Various features reduce unwanted noise, including double walled tubing and acoustic ear tips. Medical professionals use disposable single-use stethoscopes and nitrile gloves when there's a risk of contamination or infection.

Electronic doctor stethoscope for noisy environments

The electronic stethoscope is similar to the acoustic stethoscope, except that it electronically amplifies sound. This is useful in noisy surroundings. The stethoscope uses a piezoelectric crystal to detect sounds, and an amplifier converts the electronic signal to audible sound. Apart from benefiting those who are hard of hearing, sounds are electronically filtered to reduce unwanted interference, such as noise from equipment and medical facemasks. Electronic stethoscopes are battery powered and fitted with small headphones.

Specialized stethoscopes for monitoring specific patients

The standard doctor stethoscope intended for adult patients has a chest piece diameter between 1.3 and 2 inches that helps identify where sounds emanate from. For pediatric auscultation, a smaller diaphragm helps isolate sounds more effectively in small chests. These pediatric stethoscopes have brightly colored chest pieces to help young children relax. Neonatal stethoscopes use a 1-inch diameter chest piece suited to tiny chests.

The unique fetal stethoscopes uses large conical bells, similar in shape to otoscopes, to detect the faint fetal heartbeat. In cardiology, the stethoscope has short, thick tubing and tight fitting earpieces which block extraneous noise and improve acoustic quality aiding diagnosis. Two-headed stethoscopes are used in training to allow students to listen.

Types of stethoscope

As with other wholesale medical supplies, it's important to select the correct type of stethoscope with each application. Common stethoscopes brands include:

  • 3M Littmann®
  • Mabis®
  • MDF®