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Packing list envelopes protect itemized accounts of the contents of shipped goods so that authorities can reconcile package weights and customers can check whether contents match the itemization. The packing list envelopes for manufacturers also include versions for other types of documents, and some include resealable packing list envelopes for extra document protection along the shipping chain.

Packing list envelopes notify and protect

Pouches for indicating shipped components are an integral part of shipping supplies for retailers and manufacturers. Packing list envelopes for manufacturers safeguard the documents that identify packaged contents as they’re transported along a shipping chain that may include inspection points by transport agencies, even before they reach the end consumer. The documents then allow the consumer to compare the itemized list against the parts in the specific packaging.

To withstand the rigors of shipping, the pouches have a heavy-ply poly construction, up to 2 mils thick, plenty for protecting documents from moisture, dust, and material handling. Pouch sleeves for inserting documents are on the side or top of the envelope, while some envelopes offer rear-loading sleeves. Pouches have peel-off backings to expose adhesive that attaches the pouch securely to any packaging, whether paper or corrugated, with simple hand pressure.

The various designs of packing list envelopes for manufacturers

As with different shipping and address labels that should accommodate the size of the shipping package, the packing document pouches come in several dimensions. Envelopes start at 4.5 x 5.5 inches and work their way up to 10 x 12 inches, with several sizes in between, including 5.5 x 10 inches for elongated packaging.

Three basic packing list enclosed pouches are available. One has full-face labeling, where the legend and background color extend across the entire field of the pouch. The full-face envelope maintains the confidentiality of the enclosed documents. Another is panel-face labeling, where the legend and background color appear in a strip across the envelope’s field, the rest of which is a clear window for disclosing the document information or an opaque one for concealing it. The third is a clear-face pouch, with any package identification shown by the document itself. Several background colors are available, including orange, red, blue, and teal, each visually conspicuous. Several full-face envelops have additional patriotic designs, such as American flags and ribbons.

Other types of shipping-list envelopes

Like many poly bags, shipping tags, and mailers, packing list envelopes are available for different shipping applications. Some of these pouches, in the same colors and dimensions, include the following specific legends:

  • Invoice enclosed
  • Data safety sheet
  • Export documents enclosed
  • Return documents
  • Certification enclosed

Others are available as well, so check out Quill to find the right size and color of packing list and other enclosed document envelopes.

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