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Pants & Jeans  (2 Product Groups)
Jeans and pants are available in several styles, colors, and dimensions to fit a wide range of tastes and sizes. Many types of workwear pants feature flame-resistant or flame-retardant qualities, which help immensely in hazardous industries like chemical labs and factories with molten metals. Men's workwear pants are a reliable way to provide additional protection for the wearer's lower body. Read More
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Jeans and pants for all sizes

Revamp clothing supplies with workwear pants from Quill which feature practical fabric qualities that make work safer. These qualities include flame-resistance, which is an important aspect of many dangerous jobs like firefighters and scientists. Work pants come in a variety of materials and sizes. One of the materials used is polyethylene fiber, which can stretch, so they’re very comfortable to wear. It’s also waterproof, making it ideal for outdoor professions. Many styles feature an open-ankle design with an elastic waist which holds the pants up without a belt. Buy them in bulk to supply a team of employees.

Features of classic and workwear pants

Along with safety vests, flame-resistant work pants are essential for hazard-free work in chemical plants and other risky industries. The flame-resistant feature means these pants feature nonflammable materials, which virtually eliminates any chance of them catching on fire. Some pants are flame-retardant, which is a different type of clothing with unique features. Flame-retardant jeans contain a chemical that decreases its ability to catch fire or burn, although the material is not 100 percent nonflammable. It’s an excellent choice for jobs with minimal fire risks. Select models have solid brass zippers with multiple pockets, which are ideal for storing tools and equipment at work to always have them on hand. All workwear products include various certifications like HRC 2, NFPA 70E, and ASTM F1506.

Multipurpose jeans in multiple styles

The selection of pants includes popular brands like Workrite®, Dickies®, and DuPont®. Look for coats and jackets to complete the safety attire for work. The waistband on most jeans has belt loops, which allow wearers to belt the pants in place. Flame-resistant pants are available in an array of colors like navy blue and khaki. Some pants styles include:

  • Unhemmed
  • Straight fit
  • Cargo pants

Work safer with men’s workwear pants to meet company regulations and be more comfortable and efficient at work.