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There are several ways to make easy-to-read labels, and a label maker is the most straightforward option for many tasks. These products let users type directly into the machine to preview the finished product. These machines run quickly, streamlining the process of making a new organizational system for the home or office.

Label maker options with thermal printing minimize upkeep

Many professionals turn to the convenience of a label printer because it requires less upkeep than conventional printers. While you can create stickers with a standard printer, heavy ink usage makes this an inefficient option for large offices with constant labeling needs.

These machines use a thermal printing technique. Rather than using ink, machines create text by applying intense heat to the thermal paper. This removes the need for toner cartridges for laser printers, reducing upkeep and supply expenses over the life of the machine.

Enjoy customization with label printer options

In addition to being user-friendly, label maker models make it easy to customize every sticker to fit a style or theme. Below are just a few of the customization options available on different products.

With colorful thermal paper, brands can go beyond standard white stickers and create a color-coded organizational system. Many options have hundreds of built-in fonts and symbols, letting each user choose the font that works best for a specific project. Quite a few models have preset templates, so users can get started in a matter of minutes. On top of the built-in templates, several products let professionals create their own templates to save for future use.

Desktop and portable label machine models

Brands produce a range of portable label machine options and desktop models. Portable handheld models are ideal for those who label packages on-the-go, while a desktop model is more convenient for those with occasional printing needs. Desktop options plug directly into the computer via USB, letting users type and create labels on their computer before sending them to the device for copying. Some products work on their own or while connected to a computer, so users can adjust to different work environments and projects.

Portable models often have preset buttons for quick sticker making. These products often have shorter tape rolls to keep the printer light, so it's important to keep 3backup tape3 on hand. They connect to wall chargers or to a computer's USB port for charging.

Label machines give professionals a simple way to identify everything, from scanners to mailing supplies. At Quill, browse different models and accessories.

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