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Want to know more about Hand Trucks, Dollies & Jacks
A moving dolly is a platform on wheels that makes it easy to haul heavy objects without having to physically carry items from place to place. There are many styles of hand trucks available and the ones people choose depend on the items they are moving. Choose the best style for office or factory needs.

Moving dolly types

Hand trucks have a small platform with a backing to hold boxes that users can stack on one another. People can use these for transporting other things as well. They make it easy to move heavy objects, as they don't require too much lifting since the platform is low to the ground. Platform trucks have a larger area to hold several boxes or other products next to each other, offering a more stable option for bigger inventory.

Table, chair, and furniture dollies feature designs for each item specifically. Some allow the furniture pieces to stand up on their sides or to lie flat and pile on top of each other. Folded chair dollies allow users to hang the seats in rows, making it faster to take down, open, and place them when it's time. Some appliance dollies have raised sides to hold the objects in place and prevent tipping.

Extra features of hand trucks

Each type of hand truck may include extra features that make hauling heavy items even easier. Some features include:

  • Telescoping or folding handles -- make it easy to store the platform when not in use
  • Nonslip handles -- offer a strong grip with or without work gloves
  • Convertible dollies -- convert to step ladders as multipurpose tools to also use as step stools
  • Safety cords, braces, and other safety supplies -- hold boxes, appliances, and furniture snuggly in place
  • Fabric bottoms -- prevent scuffs and scratches on objects
  • Swivel casters -- provides 360-degree movement for easily rounding corners
  • Baskets -- hold loose items that are not in boxes to keep them safely on dollies

Moving dolly weight limits

Dolly carts have weight limits ranging from 250 to 1,000 pounds, and when handling heavily weighted objects, be sure to wear ergonomic back support for your own safety. The range of the limit depends on different factors. Materials used to make the dollies affect limits, with steel construction being the sturdiest. How well users can distribute the weight on the platforms also affects weight limits. Carts with plenty of space to put items side by side can often hold more.

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