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Want to know more about Crowd Control
Crowd control is a general term for moving groups of people in the right direction or keeping them from unsafe or unauthorized areas. The systems include wall-barrier or freestanding stanchions with belts or ropes, interlocking rails, or mesh barrier fencing. Each is appropriate for specific indoor or outdoor applications, in commercial establishments and public locales.

Safety Barriers & Stanchions Ease Crowd Control

Safety barriers provide instant and flexible solutions to crowd control and safety management in busy indoor and outdoor areas. Moveable stanchions with retractable belts let you erect instant barriers that help people form orderly lines, and establish safe walkways that direct members of the public away from hazardous areas such as places where cleaning or maintenance work is underway. Smart VIP-style roping offers stylish crowd management in theaters, hotel foyers and at corporate events. Stanchions that hold bright-colored signs welcome or inform customers.

Simple Retractable Belt Barriers for Instant Crowd Control

When you need to organize large numbers of people quickly, retractable belt barriers offer an instant solution to keeping folks in line. SafetyMaster, QPro or Queue Solutions offer a range of portable steel poles on weighted bases that help mark out routes while integrated retractable belts provide an effective barrier you can release to allow people through before pulling close again. When no longer needed, the belts retract fully, enabling quick and easy barrier removal. In places such as entrances to cafeterias, restrooms, galleries or museums where organizations regularly need temporary ways to stop people entering, a wall-mounted belt barrier offers a more permanent solution. Smart and durable metal housing fixed to the wall holds a retractable belt while a receiver clip for attaching the belt end to fixes to the opposite wall.

Get Your Message Out

Where barriers are a regular requirement, choose retractable belts that carry a message to people in the vicinity. Bright yellow belts with black writing warn customers and employees of "Cleaning in Progress" or "Authorized Access Only." Fixed wall belts carry messages such as "Caution – Wet Floor" or "Danger – Keep Out." Alternatively, belts featuring diagonal stripes in the widely recognized warning colors of black and yellow or red and white encourage people to stay clear of a range of hazards.

Keep VIPs Orderly in Style

Organizers at corporate or red carpet events need stylish ways of maintaining order and helping clients find their way. Luxury braided or velour crowd control ropes set between polished chrome or brass posts offer a tasteful and discreet way of keeping VIPs and other guests in line. The ropes fix to the poles with metal fastenings that open and close with ease.

No Messing With Solid Barriers

In situations where young children or animals might dodge under a more open barrier, temporary solid fencings act as an effective deterrent. Mutual Industries plastic fencing is highly visible, easy to handle and quick to install, making it ideal for construction sites. Rubbermaid mobile safety barriers also form solid blockades that deter unwanted visitors indoors and outside.

Simple Signs to Point the Way

In large indoor retail areas, busy customers might be in too much of a rush to notice that a new outlet has opened or a store has a sale. Grab their attention with large, colorful signs on sturdy metal stanchions that tell them your location is open and ready for business.

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