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Lubricant supplies include an array of products that keep machinery parts from overheating and seizing or are part of automotive paints and supplies meant to maintain vehicles. These paints and supplies — automotive or machine-related — include chemical and natural-based compounds and their dispensers to reduce friction, overheating, and wear on engaged mechanical parts.

All-purpose lubricants for smooth operation

Lubricants are a branch of chemicals and paints, including automotive paints and supplies, that are among the family of tool parts and supplies that help keep machinery bearings, gears, and connections running smoothly.

The supplies start with basic all-purpose oil- or silicone-based lubricants that displace moisture and break down carbon to dissolve adhesives, loosen rusted parts, and eliminate squeaks. Dry compounds, like graphite and lock lubricants, are available for cleaning or easing key locks or door hinges.

Many high-temperature, anti-seize lubricant supplies

Engaged machinery components create friction and pressure and thus demanding temperatures. Anti-seize lubricants provide a barrier between threaded and twinned metallic parts to maintain optimal working temperature and prevent corrosion. These anti-seize compounds consist of several grades. Silver-grade is an all-purpose lubricant that withstands temperatures up to 1800 degrees Fahrenheit while food-grade lubricants, providing the same temperature protection, are for machinery that may have incidental contact with food like poultry-cutting machines.

Other high-temperature grades include nickel for power-plant hardware, copper for electrically conductive parts, and zinc for couplings between dissimilar metals. Anti-seize compounds include lanolin soap- and lithium soap-based lubricants, also for use with dissimilar metals, and specialty compounds that resist saltwater and road salts, ideal for marine equipment and snow plows. Many compounds are best applied with paintbrushes to provide full coverage on threads and connections.

Compounds and accessories for many purposes

Additional chemicals and lubricants include the following:

  • Cutting fluids as a coolant for metal-on-metal cutting, drilling, or boring
  • Lubricants for pneumatic tools with oil-driven components
  • Visible dye penetrants for inspecting and locating surface breaks in metals
  • Gas additives to enhance engine performance and resist moisture build-up

Oil and grease guns for easy machinery lubrication

Lubricant equipment includes several oil and grease guns that dispense lubricants into machine fittings at various rates of pressure (up to 5,600 pounds-per-square-inch) to prevent the formation of air pockets in connecting parts. Guns have finger-activated pistol or levered pumps, with canister or cartridge loads that hold from 6 to 36 ounces of lubricant. The guns come with flexible hoses or interchangeable nozzles. Many meet Society of Automotive Engineer (SEA) criteria for tie-rod and ball-joint fittings and are part of other automotive paint supplies, brake lubricants, and additives to keep older models on the road.

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