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Calculators include a vast assortment of basic and sophisticated tools for computing numbers and equations, from straightforward arithmetic to advanced statistical graphing. They're suitable for students, homeowners, economists, engineers, financial planners, and scientists. Most calculators are powered by battery or solar energy for portability.

Convenient, handheld calculators

Many of the devices that fit in the palm of your hand are basic caluclators, including straightforward math calculators, that are necessary for everyday tasks. Household heads use printing calculators that hold paper rolls for hard-copy printouts in real time or for stored subtotals and totals. Supplies for equipping these models include ink rollers or printer ribbons. Professionals such as accountants, financial planners, real estate agents, and sales personnel need printing calculators for tax and business verification purposes.

High-contrast display screens

Both handheld and desktop calculators offer sharp, readily visible screen displays, some glare-free. A few models even have dual screens for comparing one screen’s results with the other’s base numbers. Sophisticated versions have read-outs in digitized color, including graphing calculators that can transform numerical calculations into graphs and figures with grid lines and axis marks. Math calculators that economists and mathematicians use have multiline displays to accommodate complex equations, some with up to 21 digits per line for minute computations that require multiple decimal places for accuracy.

Specialized devices

Devices are available for special applications. For instance, real estate calculators have functions for computing down payments, taxes and insurance for PITI payments, amortization schedules, and property-appreciation amounts. For those needing to undertake algebraic and trigonometric calculations for computing engineering specs, scientific calculators are ideal. Financial calculators come with up to 130 functions for computing complex accounting and business formulations.

Trusted manufacturers

These devices come from manufacturers that are well known for their sophisticated scientific and computer equipment and technology:

  • Casio®
  • Texas Instruments®
  • Sharp®
  • Canon®
  • HP®
  • Victor®

Calculators are also available in bulk from recognized brands like Staples®, Quill, and Learning Resources® in cost-saving packages for the classroom or workplace.

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