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Provide offices and homes with ample writing tools including BIC® black pens from Quill. Select black BIC pens come with a retractable design, and non-retractable models feature caps to help protect the pen tip and prevent ink from drying out. Versatile pen options include ballpoint, rollerball, and gel pen designs to accommodate prolific writers and artists.

BIC black pens for writing clear and legible text

Perform all office work by deadline dates by using these professional BIC black pens from Quill. Black pens are suitable for various paperwork at the office or in school, and the acid-free ink feature in select models helps keep writing legible for long periods. Deep-color BIC red pens are suitable for writing bold titles and highlighting important paragraphs when studying. Choose from fine, medium, and bold black BIC pen points to perform different drawing techniques such as shading or half-toning for interesting effects.

Black BIC pens with basic specs

Retractable pens are available to prevent the ink in BIC pens from drying out when not in use. The retractable feature also protects personal items when carrying a pen inside a storage compartment. Use the convenient plastic clip to attach pens to folders or binders, and access them at a moment’s notice. Ballpoint pens are suitable for writing corporate memos, invoices, and records, and the ink flows smoothly without skipping. Translucent barrels in some black pens let users see how much ink is left in the tank. Other features of BIC pens include:

  • A rubber pen barrel for better grip on select models
  • Smooth ink dispersion for smear-free documents
  • Multipack options for large businesses and schools

Take advantage of BIC pens, which feature non-clogging ink, which makes them ideal for long-term use.

Usage examples and characteristics of BIC pen ink

Select models include reservoirs with gel ink, which has a water-based formula with pigments to produce vivid hues. This characteristic makes them ideal for drawing or writing on posters to reach a larger audience and attract more potential customers. Long-lasting BIC blue pens are suitable for many types of documents and card. The smooth click design in select models makes it easy to conveniently operate a BIC pen using only one hand.

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